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To Recognize

This week we are ready for Pillar 6 of our 8 Pillars of Culture: To Recognize

I absolutely love Culture Pillar 6 of our 8 pillars. We just finished discussing our desire to Inspire and Encourage others. I really believe that Pillar 6 is a natural extension of both of these. Pillar 6 is “To Recognize”. If you look up the definition of recognize you will likely find something like this, a transitive verb meaning to see a person, to hear a person, to greet a person and acknowledge that they are present “The receptionist recognized him at once”. This is not the definition of recognizing that our pillar represents. That’s not the type of recognition we are talking about at Mid South. I define recognition as mostly an intangible expression of acknowledgment and valuing of an individual or a team, for their positive behaviors, their personal efforts, or contributions they have made.

I think by in large, we do a good job of recognizing the significant achievements of our team members. My question is how well do we recognize our people, their accomplishments and their effort on a daily basis? So, what does “the right kind” of recognition look like? Before we jump into examples let’s take a look at 5 characteristics of effective recognition:

  • Timely/Frequent

  • Specific

  • Visible

  • Inclusive

  • Values-based

It’s important to note that every type of recognition doesn’t need to embody all five elements.

1. Weekly Wins meetings Weekly Wins meetings are commonplace in a lot of work environments—and for good reason! They serve as an opportunity for your team to gather and publicly share accomplishments from the week.

2. Share praise from customers What if the next time you receive a glowing customer email you share it company-wide?

3. Company swag

Nothing groundbreaking here: people love swag! Celebrate a company milestone or team accomplishment with company-branded clothing, water bottles, or anything else you can dream up.

4. Treat your team to lunch Sharing a meal is an age-old demonstration of care but take it one step further and make sure to note who and what the meal is in honor of.

5. Send a thoughtful note Never underestimate the power of the written word! Verbal praise is wonderful, but there's something extra special about having a tangible record of recognition.

Regardless of how we do it, I hope we will make a commitment to recognize the special skills and efforts of our team members on a regular basis.

Be looking for a great podcast interview with JR Burnett that will post on Friday.

Yours in Christ


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