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Partnership Benefits

The Therapy Partner For You

Our comprehensive clinical programs, value-adding services, and partnership dedication will distinguish your facility as one of the highest quality and excellence.


We are a company built on forming partnerships and maintaining relationships, and we have many reasons as to why partnering with us is the right choice for you.


What makes Mid South different is our commitment to stay abreast of the legislative and regulatory interests and changes that affect our industry partners. Our affiliation with NARA and NASL guarantee that Mid South is planning ahead for not only the future of our company, but also the future for our partners and patients.


A team of our Employee Support Staff members visits the Hill annually to learn, lobby, and lead legislators to benefit our industry.


Our company's comprehensive rehabilitation services include a total administrative package that will assist in improving your facility's efficiency, cost effectiveness, and compliance with state and federal regulations. Our programs provide you with an on-site manager who serves as a facility department head and attends all required facility meetings.


The manager also helps support internal marketing through communication with staff and physicians.



Mid South has a set strategy on building a diversified therapy services company based on the solid reputation of providing the highest level of patient care and personalized approaches in all of our facilities and partner facilities. Quality patient care stems from dedication to excellence and absolute commitment to professionalism in currently owned companies as well as new business development and acquisitions.


In addition to overall approach, we at Mid South recognize the importance of maintaining quality equipment to provide continual, valuable services for our clients. By consistently acquiring and supporting our patients with new, relevant equipment, we are confident in the excellent care we administer.


  • Total Quality Management

  • Automated Billing and Compliance Program

  • Pre-Admission Screenings

  • MDS Management

  • Maintaining PPS Guidelines at it relates to the delivery of Therapy Services

  • CMS & State Quality Compliance

  • Day-to-Day Management and Scheduling

  • Quality Assurance through Chart Reviews

  • Assures Timely Documentation to Support MDS Form Requirements

  • Review Medical Record Documentation and Coding Accuracy for Compliance

  • Home Assessments Prior to Discharge

  • Implement Policies and Procedures related to Rehab Medical Necessity Guidelines

  • Conduct Daily Productivity Analysis to ensure Productivity Standards are Achieved

  • Reimbursement Oversight

  • Risk Management - Implement Policies, Plans, and Indicators related to Rehab Services

  • Routine In-Services to Nursing and Ancillary Staff

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