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Mid South Therapy Partnerships


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At Mid South, our strategic partnerships are known to be genuine, long-lasting, and profitable. We love watching our therapists call your facility home. In many cases, our Mid South therapists become an integral member of your facility’s family. Our Employee Support Team is constantly mobile, and we enjoy working with our partners on aspects of business and sharing memories with them as well.


We are dedicated to providing our partners with the best contract therapy services possible.

Understanding Our

Strategic Partnerships

For over 20 years, Mid South has chased the same goal: providing absolute clinical excellence for all of our contract therapy partners. By offering a proven track record of success across many clinical settings, unparalleled benefits for therapists, and more, we are able to fully provide for our partners.


A partnership with Mid South is different than traditional contract therapy services. Watch this video and learn how.

Our Therapy Partnership


At Mid South, we aim to deliver the best contract therapy services possible. We are always looking for ways to improve, increase efficiency, and provide better care to our Strategic Partner's patients.


Are you curious to see how your current contract therapy provider compares? Browse the comprehensive list of what sets us apart from the competition or download our checklist.


How We Support

Our Strategic Partners



We take our partnerships seriously. Our support staff will work closely with therapists and facility staff. The following clinical operation support is available to Strategic Partners:

  • Medical director for day-to-day clinical oversight

  • Full, 7-day therapy coverage

  • Advanced, state-of-the-art therapy equipment

  • Dedicated clinical directors & clinical specialists

  • MDS management of therapy component

  • Efficiency reports to ensure productivity standards

  • Home assessments prior to patient discharge

  • Patient satisfaction surveys completed by outpatient, nursing home, and swing bed patients

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual operational reviews

  • Improved Case Mix scores

  • Clinical programming for long-term care and Part B nursing home patients

  • Director of Rehabilitation on interdisciplinary teams

  • VitalStim certified speech therapists

  • Continuous quality improvement program

  • Functional maintenance plan

  • Restorative nursing program

  • Comprehensive therapy policy and procedure manual



Our compliance department is nationally certified and prepared to handle the constant changes in our industry. The following compliance support is available to Strategic Partners:

  • Provide national keynote speakers to conduct annual clinical updates and compliance and ethics training for OIG and HIPAA updates

  • Monitor quality indicators with monthly clinical audits and compliance score cards

  • Provide Certified Corporate Compliance Officers (HCCA)

  • Maintain a 99 percent success rate at overturning RAC-MAC denials



Mid South has access to in-house, full-time marketing and graphic design resources to assist our partners with marketing our services. The following marketing support is available to Strategic Partners:

  • Design and funding for print materials such as a facility brochures and marketing collateral

  • Open house event organization and execution to promote new business and community awareness

  • Design and funding for traditional advertising such as newspapers and billboards

  • Participation and guidance on community health fairs and local events

  • Networking with hospital discharge planners, case managers, & physician practices



Mid South’s Employee Support Staff is powered by a team of professionals with many years of finance experience. The following financial support is available to Strategic Partners:

  • Contractual agreement for outpatient services structured on percentage of collections

  • Denial management and indemnification

  • Automated billing and compliance program

  • Comprehensive billing and collection services

  • Rehab reimbursement consulting for no additional fee

  • Monthly statistical financial reports

Pursue a Mid South


If you have direct questions or are interested in pursuing a partnership with us, feel free to contact us at 601-605-677 or fill out a contact form.  

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