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Mid South is growing.


Mid South is constantly growing, and we enjoy welcoming new employee partners to the team. Our devotion to excellence and desire to be the best means we are a first-class leader in the rehabilitation industry. This means that every individual we hire, every interview, every resume matters. We want the finest professionals within each discipline so that we can be sure of the quality of the therapy we administer.

Because we demand excellence of our employee partners, we also hold our company to that same standard. Mid South invests in our employee partners. We schedule, host, and fund continuing education opportunities for our therapists because we are proud of the achievements and certifications they attain while part of our team. In addition, Mid South loves to celebrate our hardworking employees. We acknowledge a Facility of Excellence for each region annually, regional Employee of the Quarter, and employee tenure awards.


Mid South is a first-class therapy provider, but because of our therapy teams and partner relationships, we feel more like family.

If you are interested in becoming an employee partner, please browse our current job openings and contact with your resume and cover letter. We cannot wait to meet you.

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