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EOQ Winners

Hello again to our employee partners and friends! We hope you are doing well, and we want to share a bit of exciting news with you! In the times we face, we realize celebrating, encouraging, and enjoying one another is even more important than it has ever been!

We are so thankful and honored to have employees who truly make a difference - in the lives of their coworkers, administration, patients, and friends and families. Our company is absolutely filled with employees like this - ones who go above and beyond to make things great. We would like to take the time to recognize a few who were nominated by their coworkers to be awarded Employee of the Quarter.

ESC - Jennifer Mitchell, Controller

Jennifer is a relatively new addition to our team at the ESC, and sometimes we wonder how we ever lived without her? Not only is she a kind and caring coworker, she's absolutely awesome at what she does. She also happens to bake really delicious bread when she isn't pouring over Mid South's accounting spreadsheets. She is always willing to help with whatever major project is going on, and she is always the one who stays let to get the work done. Congratulations, Jennifer!

South MS Region - June Thames, PTA at Magee General Hospital

June has been with Mid South for over 5 years now, and we are thrilled to have her as a constant force on our therapy team at Magee General. June is a master at challenging her patients, getting them back up on their feet once again. She is the queen of sanitization! Congratulations, June!

North MS Region - Jordan McComic, PTA & DOR at NMMC-West Point

Jordan is constantly pushing her limits and trying to learn more in her field. Not only is she an excellent clinician, she also entertains her patients with her fun, sassy humor and way. We are so proud of you, Jordan! Congratulations!

Central MS Region - Chrissy Herrington, DPT at South Sunflower County Hospital

Congratulations, Chrissy! We are so proud of Chrissy for juggling an extra-crazy caseload lately, all while pursuing continuing education opportunities and making valuable networking connections for Mid South. You truly go above and beyond, Chrissy, and it is so evident from your patients how seriously you take your work.

TN/AR Region - Marcia Wadley, Office Manager at Town Village

Congratulations, Marcia! Any and all of our therapists would admit that it takes an awesome office manager to keep a therapy department running at its best! We are so thankful to have Marcia keeping things going so smoothly for us at Town Village!

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