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NEW HIRE: Roberta Edwards, CCC-SLP

We are thrilled to welcome a full-time speech therapist to our comprehensive rehab team at the Jackson VA. Roberta Edwards, CCC-SLP, is a passionate therapist with a heart for the geriatric community. We can't wait to see how she helps her patients achieve optimal results and feel better in our Jackson VA facility.

Roberta attended Delta State University for her undergraduate degree, and she went on to obtain her Masters in Communicative Disorders from Jackson State University. In addition to her education background, Roberta has been in speech therapy for over 20 years. She has worked in a variety of healthcare settings including school systems. Because of her appreciation and passion for working with swallowing patients and the geriatric community, Roberta has decided the Jackson VA is the perfect fit for her. Roberta is specialized in VitalSTIM, DPNS, and myofacial techniques. Roberta has also implemented H20 Sips Programs at facilities where she was worked in the past, which allows speech patients to consume water safely.

Mid South welcomes Roberta to our team at the Jackson VA, and we look forward to the positive outcomes she will help our patients achieve. Welcome to the team!

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