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NEW HIRE: Reagan Arnwine, OT

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of our new, full-time occupational therapist, Reagan Arnwine, OT. Reagan will be serving at Town Village at Audubon Park in Memphis, TN. Reagan started her career with us part-time, and we are thrilled to offer her a full-time position working with the employee partners and patients she has already grown to love.

Reagan graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, and she received her Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Reagan has experience in a variety of health care settings, and she takes special interest in working with patients suffering from neurological conditions. She has spent much time with spinal cord injury patients as well.

Reagan has recently relocated to the Bartlett, TN, area. She is a creative person, always looking for a craft. She enjoys musical theatre and playing with her dog as well. We are thrilled to have Reagan as a full-time member of the Mid South family!

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