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NEW HIRE: Naja Walton, OT

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of a full-time occupational therapist for Marion General Hospital - Naja Walton, OT. We know that Naja is prepared to take on the occupational therapy needs of your community, and we can’t wait to see how her patients recover. We think that her understanding, kind disposition and wonderful clinical training will make her a special addition to the therapy team at Marion General Hospital.

Naja is a recent graduate from The Univeristy of Mississippi Medical Center. She is excited to be part of the growing therapy program at Marion General. She looks forward to helping a variety of patients see results, and she takes special interest in working with neuro patients.

We welcome Naja to this incredible team of therapists led by Director of Rehab, Jeremy Bennett, DPT. The team also consists of Mia Luter, PTA, and Christina Nichols Jones, office manager. Speech therapy services are also available at Marion General Hospital. Congratulations and welcome to the team, Naja!

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