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Landmark Lifestyles of Tupelo is pleased to announce Stephenie Brady, DPT Physical Therapist

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of our new, full-time Physical Therapist and Director of Rehab, Stephenie Brady, DPT at our strategic partner facility, Landmark Lifestyles of Tupelo.

Stephenie, a Tupelo resident has an impressive, well-rounded background in her field, beginning with a solid educational foundation. Stephenie graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and was awarded her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Tennessee State University. In addition, she is Worksteps certified. Stephenie has been a PT for 11 years and is excited to work with clients and experience a variety of clinical settings at Landmark Lifestyles of Tupelo.

When she is not helping patients recover, Stephenie enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, Barrett, and their two children, Posey and JB. The whole family loves going skiing in the winter months and spending time at the beach during the summer.

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