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Inspire II

Earlier this week we looked at what each of us can do to spark a fire of inspiration within ourselves. Now let’s look outward. How can I be an inspiration to those around me? Are the people that work for you or with you lacking energy? Are they disinterested in their work? There is a new term floating around called “quiet quitting”. Quiet quitters are people not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description. Recent Gallop research indicated that "Quiet quitters" make up at least 50% of the U.S. workforce.

At one time we saw something in these team members that made us believe they were capable of great things. For whatever reason, their fire has dimmed. As much as we believe in our people, we must also believe in our own ability to inspire those around us. I said in my blog from earlier this week that this must begin as an inside job. However, there is also a lot we can do to positively impact those around us.

Let’s look at just a few:


Creating raving fan employees must be a top priority of any business owner who wants to inspire workplace participation and growth. Bad employee morale can cost the company money and negatively affect the company culture. Before asking how to inspire others, ask yourself if you see any of the following signs of employee disengagement or unhappiness.


If many employees are leaving, that’s a big sign they’re unhappy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about pay or benefits. Conduct exit interviews and really listen to what employees are saying.


If their heart is no longer in their work, you’ll be able to tell. Inspired employees get their work done and excitedly ask for more.


Not everyone is into company happy hours and activities, but if your employees seem more disengaged than usual, it’s a sign to dig deeper.


Remember that a business is only as strong as the psychology of its leader. Could the problem be you? This is a difficult question to ask yourself, but if you really want to gauge if you know how to inspire people, you need to ask yourself if your team thinks – better yet, knows – you understand how to inspire employees to do their best. If the answer is “no,” you’re in the right place for learning these skills.

3. USE THE POWER OF Influence

Now that you know how to inspire employees to do their best, you can use that as leverage to subtly change their behavior. This is one skill that distinguishes great leaders<