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Gardening with Rex

We all know the best BLT sandwiches are made with the crunchiest bacon, fresh, green lettuce, and the most juicy, perfect red tomatoes. For the residents of Meadville Convalescent Home, the perfect BLT is made with one of Rex's tomatoes. Rex Sullivan goes above and beyond his normal duties as an LPTA by planting a vegetable garden for the residents of Meadville Convalescent Home. Not only are the tomatoes fresh and delicious, but also the wonderfully sweet watermelons in summertime are sublime.

For residents who enjoy gardening or who had gardens in the past, helping with and giving advice on the garden often spark conversations, integrate the residents, and give them all something fun and delicious over which to bond.

We are so proud of Rex and his willingness to go the extra mile and create something fun and exciting for the residents of the Meadville Convalescent Home to enjoy.

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