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Employee Support Center Bowling Afternoon

On Friday, May 24, the MSRS team at the ESC headed over to Fannin Lanes for an afternoon of bowling, pizza, and friendly competition.

Days before, we drew names to make our teams and picked up our bright “Care to Spare” t-shirts. We had five teams, and winners of the first game would receive first place trophies. Winners of the second game received second place trophies. It was a fun afternoon of relaxation, conversation, and brushing up on our bowling skills. Everyone at the ESC would like to thank Steven Cole for the fun afternoon and the perfect start to a holiday weekend.

First place winners: Amy Klaas, Lynn Lea, Erica Miller, and Clinton Mayes

Second place winners: Nikki Ward, Brooke Mayfield, Mark Buckley, and Amy Nichols

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