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PEPPER Supports Efforts to Assess RUG Assignment Patient Care

PEPPER Supports Efforts to Assess RUG Assignment, Patient Care

Mid South Rehab, a contract therapy company for post-acute care providers in Mississippi, has been using PEPPER to enhance patient care and support its close work with skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), for which they provide therapy services. The PEPPERs, shared by their partner SNFs, are used primarily as an educational tool to help assess appropriate resource utilization group (RUG) assignment and progression of a patient's care. This also allows them to focus on length of stay and how they compare to other organizations. The goal of Mid South Rehab is to ensure that the therapy services meet the needs of the patient and are appropriate. You may read their story about how they successfully use PEPPER to evaluate and monitor performance, by clicking here (PDF).

The Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) is an annual comparative data report that summarizes a SNF's Medicare claims data statistics for areas prone to abuse/improper Medicare payments. TMF is committed to providing statistics that support providers' efforts to identify and prevent improper Medicare payments. To provide feedback on PEPPER, please use the PEPPER Feedback Form. To request assistance please visit the Help Desk at


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