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Sunnybrook Estates welcomes Lydia Thompson, OT

We are happy to announce the hiring of our new, full-time Occupational Therapist, Lydia Thompson, OT. She will serve at Sunnybrook Estates in Madison, MS.

Lydia received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of Southern Mississippi and her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. In addition, Lydia is certified in Rock Tape Kinesiology Taping. She is especially interested in fall prevention and pelvic floor dysfunctions such as bowel and urinary incontinence. We know she is ready to take on the occupational therapy needs of the community, and we look forward to seeing her patients’ recovery journeys.

Lydia is the second oldest of 5 siblings and loves her family very much. She grew up caring for others and knew she wanted to spend her life doing so. She chose occupational therapy because it is a field where she could give back to her community in a practical and hands-on way. When not working, Lydia loves a casual stroll and playing tennis. She says being outside is like medicine for her. We are excited to share Lydia is engaged to be married in May of 2024.

Mid South Rehab values continuing education and promoting exceptional leaders. We are delighted to have Lydia as a partner. We look forward to many opportunities for her to further her education and specialize in certification and training.

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