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Martha Jo Leslie VA Home Welcomes Braden Rodgers, RT, DOR

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of our new, full-time Rehab Tech and DOR Braden Rodgers, RT, DOR. Braden has been a PRN at Martha Jo Leslie VA Home and is transitioning into a full-time role.

Braden earned his Political Science degree from Mississippi University for Women. Within his field of study, he is especially interested in political injustice. He chose his field of study based on his interest in our political system and its effect on modern-day society.

Braden enjoys cooking and spending time with family.

Mid South Rehab values continuing education and promoting exceptional leaders. We look forward to many opportunities for him to further his education and specialize in certification and training. We are excited to have Braden at the VA home and know he will have opportunities to improve our company and residents’ lives in his new role.

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