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Mid South Volunteers at Stewpot

Thursday, November 14, 2019, the employees at the Employee Support Center volunteered at Stewpot in Jackson, Mississippi. Stewpot is a local program that works to ensure those in need receive proper food and nourishment.

Every year, Mid South purchases, picks up, delivers, and serves a Thanksgiving style lunch for the visitors at Stewpot. This year, we provided and served turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, rolls, cake, and tea.

When we arrived at Stewpot, we unloaded the two SUVs and Thomas' truck bed filled with pots and pans of delicious food from our local Kroger. We quickly formed an assembly line and loaded to go containers with the meals, stacking them in bins to be used for the Meals on Wheels program, which is designed to deliver food to needy people who are unable to travel to the main dining area.

Around noon, the dining room was full, and trays of food, cups of coffee, and glasses of tea were everywhere! The room was certainly abuzz with conversation and greetings. Apart from the making of the plates, we were also lucky to have three of Mark Buckley's children, Grace, Robbie, and Charlie, to help us constantly refill drinks and clear plates.

After lunch was served and the dining area was cleaned, we were taken on a tour of the new food pantry facility, which was another opportunity we are looking forward to helping with in the future.

We always have such a great time giving back to our community at Stewpot, and we look forward to our next visit!

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