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Medicare Part A PDPM SLP Microsoft Teams Training Webinar

DORs and all full-time SLPs who work in Mid South Medicare Part A PDPM facilities,

We have an upcoming and mandatory PDPM SLP training on Friday, 2/24/23, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM for all DORs and all full-time SLPs that work in Medicare Part A PDPM facilities. DORs and SLPs who do not work in PDPM facilities are not required to attend. RCDs and DORs in PDPM facilities, if you have Part Time or PRN SLPs that work on a consistent basis and perform screens and evaluations on PDPM patients, you may consider inviting them to attend as well.

One of Mid South’s own excellent SLPs, Anna Way, will join us on this webinar to provide practical tips, resources, and training that will help lead our SLPs to optimal success in PDPM!

Penny will send out a Microsoft Teams invite for the meeting. If you are not certain you can access Microsoft Teams, please read Penny’s follow-up invite and information related to ensuring you can access Teams for the meeting. Contact Penny at with any questions.

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