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Employee of the Quarter Award: Emily Barrett, COTA & DOR - Pearl River County Hospital & NH

We would like to congratulate Emily Barrett, COTA & DOR at Pearl River County Hospital and Nursing Home in Poplarville, MS, on her achievement in being voted Employee of the Quarter for South MS Region II. Emily's team nominated her for this award because of her constant support, willingness to help, and kindhearted disposition. She is a joy and help to her patients and a wonderful leader for her incredible therapy team.

We celebrated Emily's award at Deb's Pizza and Pasta. Felicia Murrah, CCC-SLP and RCD South MS II, told the team that they should be prepared to discuss documentation after lunch. Emily came prepared with her notebook and pen, only to find that documentation was not the subject of the day - she was!

Scott Stinson, VP of HR; Shelly Aaron, Senior Recruiter; Kayla McInnis, HR Generalist and Lee Catherine Hodges, Marketing, attended the luncheon with the team to celebrate.

Congratulations, Emily, on this wonderful achievement! We are so thankful to have you as leader of our team at Pearl River and as part of our Mid South family. We appreciate you all so much!

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