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by Felicia Murrah, M.S. CCC-SLP/ RCD South MS

Some say change is scary, stressful, and overwhelming. Others say change is good. Recently, the employees of Outpatient Rehabilitation Marion County embraced extensive changes head-on and did so with a positive outlook. January 2024 brought about a huge move for our therapy team into a new and completely remodeled location. In addition, 2024 has also brought along a new member to our team in Julie Freeman, DPT. Both the day-to-day operations and the acclimation to the new space have been significant adjustments. Despite profound changes that have taken place, and inevitably more to come, the staff have stepped up with grace and embraced them. For this, they will be bigger, better, and stronger.

Our team is now acclimated to our new therapy clinic and ready to serve our patients with the absolute best care across all disciplines. In fact, we offer a comprehensive therapy unit with physical, occupational, and speech therapy for all ages. We have an outstanding team of quality people. Our team truly gets to know their patients and treats them like family throughout the therapy regimen. Individualized care is particularly important to us, and once a patient is treated by one of our therapists, s/he becomes part of our family. Our team yields outstanding functional outcomes with our patients, as well as patient satisfaction. In fact, our team is nationally ranked in those areas. Important for the community to know is that we also accept all types of insurance, with Forrest Health providing billing for our services. We cannot wait to serve you in bigger, better, and stronger ways!

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to give a special thanks to James “Jimbo” Turnage, administrator at Marion General Hospital, for his efforts in helping us get the clinic up and running. We would not have had as smooth a transition without Jimbo and his team helping us along the way. We appreciate you all!

Medical conditions we treat and specializations we provide:

• Functional Dry Needling

• Sports & Orthopedic Therapy

• Game Ready

• FCE Work Screens

• Myofascial Release

• Pelvic Health Rehab


• E-Stim Systems

• Swallow Therapy

• Vital Stim

• Cognitive Retraining

• Pediatric Therapy

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