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Covington County Hospital is pleased to announce: Michelle Bush, PTA

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of our new, full-time Physical Therapy Assistant, Michelle Bush, PTA at Covington County Hospital. Michelle Bush, PTA a current resident of the area, attended Seminary High School. Later, she attended Pearl River Community College where she received her PTA degree. Michelle loves making a difference in people’s lives with all glory to God. We know she is prepared to take on the physical therapy needs of your community. We cannot wait to see her patients’ recovery journeys. Michelle is a proud mom of two boys, Dawson, age 22, and Dusty, age 20. When she is not helping patients recover, she enjoys spending time outdoors kayaking, hunting, fishing, and enjoying the beach. Covington County Hospital and Mid South value continuing education and promoting exceptional leaders. We are excited to have Michelle as a partner. We look forward to her progress, and we know that she will have opportunities to improve our patients in her new role. Michelle is joining an incredible team of therapists led by Arica Haeusler, COTA/L, and Director of Rehab. Our therapy team at Covington is additionally comprised of Mercedes Brown, LPTA; Carrie Bullock, Office Manager; Olivia Robinson, DPT; and Jennifer Lawing, OTR/L.

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