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Better Hearing & Speech Month Feature: Katie Allement, CCC-SLP

Katie Allement is a speech language pathologist at Greenbriar Nursing Center in D’Iberville, Mississippi. She attended Chalmette High School in Chalmette, Louisiana, and she went on to obtain her undergraduate and masters degrees from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Katie is VitalStim certified.

Katie truly enjoys all of her patients, but she has a special interest in CVA (stroke) patients because of the life-changing advancements that speech therapy can cause in patients. Katie enjoys helping her patients make progress in communicating with family again and returning to their prior level of function in swallowing. Patients who are unable to swallow are considered NPO patients, which is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase “nothing by mouth.” Katie takes pride in helping her patients shed the NPO status for good.

Katie finds patients suffering from dementia to be most challenging because of the teamwork and united approach a therapy staff and nursing staff must use to treat them effectively. Mid South takes pride in offering “Dementia Capable Care,” our program for skilled nursing facilities that is dedicated to ensuring our dementia patients thrive at their highest possible functional levels. In addition to training our own employees, Mid South offers this educational program to all employees at our partner facilities.

For more information about Mid South’s Dementia Capable Care Program, visit our website here.

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