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We are almost to the end of our second tour through our 8 Pillars of Culture. This week, I want to revisit ACCOUNTABILITY. There is a question on our Employee Engagement survey that asks does your supervisor hold people accountable? It is a great question, but this week I want to look at this pillar from a different perspective. All of us want other people to be held accountable. My question this week is what if we are the other person? You can rest assured that while we are thinking about someone else not doing what they are supposed to be doing, someone else is thinking that about us. I think that is one of the reasons that self-awareness is so important to our personal growth.

So, I have another question for each of us as we constantly self-assess. Am I accountable? Holding yourself accountable means engaging in self-discipline to complete both old and new goals. When you hold yourself accountable, you resolve to live and work in a more manageable and measurable way. This allows you to accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively than you would otherwise be able to with a more procrastination-prone approach. I want to suggest7 tips that will help each of us be more personally accountable:

  1. Ask for feedback from some others - Not everyone will be honest enough to give us feedback that will help you grow. We need to search out those friends who will.

  2. Get an accountability partner - I have spiritual accountability partners who ask me questions about where I am with my Bible reading and quiet time and where I am with my daily walk. These people are invaluable to my personal and spiritual growth.

  3. Practice self-care - Exercise, eat better and get good sleep. These are things that we have some control over and will allow us to be more effective and accountable.

  4. Recognize when you're procrastinating. This is a great self-awareness tool that will keep us proactive rather than reactive. As Steven Covey says this is a quadrant II activity that will help keep us out of crisis mode.

  5. Reward yourself - Know what motivates you and reward yourself just like you do others. It is essential to recognize that you deserve and need this.

  6. Set both short-term and long-term goals - Setting and keeping goals is like making and keeping promises to ourselves. The more we do this the more confidence we build and the better we feel.

  7. Stay organized – This is another proactive activity. I feel better when I am organized. It keeps me from missing meetings, assignments, and deadlines which is good for me and others. Find a good tool, whether it’s a good planner, software, or a to-do list, find what works for you and commit to it.

I always want to be the person that no one else has to hold accountable. Join me and let’s create a culture of faith, recognition, encouragement, and ACCOUNTABILITY at Mid South Rehab Services!

Have a great weekend,


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