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Written in the Sky

Mr. Lawrence Rowe used to wear a back brace. His left elbow gave him problems. He used to have constant pain in his hands. His wrists, fingers, joints, especially his thumbs, were a terrible problem when he first arrived at Brookdale Clinton.

An Air Force Veteran, jokester, and lover of chocolate chip milkshakes, Rowe began therapy alongside his wife, Bonnie. Rowe worked hard in the therapy room with Bo Garrett, Brigette Palmer, and Amanda Mix to improve the functioning in his hands and try to relieve some of the pain from the carpal tunnel syndrome he had developed as well as arthritis.

After traveling the world with the military, Rowe graduated from Mississippi State University in 1958 and was employed by the Department of Agriculture. His time in the military had been flying with the crew and doing maintenance on the planes. His love and respect for the military, but the Air Force most specifically, is evident in how he tells the stories of long ago - stories he clearly cherishes.

After his first wife died in a battle with leukemia, Rowe met his current wife, Bonnie.

“It was written in the sky. We were made for each other,” he says of their meeting with a smile on his face.

The two share a birthday, September 20, and this year, they both happened to be receiving care at Brookdale by Mid South therapists on that day. They were surprised with cards, cupcakes, and a celebration on that special day of therapy.

Since then, Mrs. Bonnie has moved to another facility close to her daughter, but that does not stop these two from being together. Rowe drives as often as he can to visit with her and often out on dates to dinner. Every day, they call each other and watch The Wheel of Fortune together, over the phone.

Rowe can drive himself for visits. He can sign his name. He is planning a trip with his son to see the Blue Angels airshow, and he is excited for the trip. He cannot wait to see those planes.

Rowe brags on his therapists, but he also teases and jokes with them constantly, making visits with him all the more exciting.

“They’re just as good of people here as you’ll ever want,” he said.

Bonnie and Lawrence celebrating their shared birthday with the MSRS therapy team.

Mr. Lawrence pictured at the lake at Brookdale Clinton.

Mr. Lawrence was voted Mr. Brookdale 2019 by facility staff.

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