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Patient Stories Series: Speech Therapy Testimonial from Yalobusha

The following is story from Yalobusha General Hospital, one of our hospital-based nursing home partners offering full outpatient and inpatient swing bed therapy services from all disciplines.

“A friend of mine has been a swing bed patient at Yalobusha General and his speech therapist, Katelin Worthington, has been amazing! I can’t say enough good things about her. She saw a lesion in his throat and was very aggressive about getting him an ENT appointment.

The ENT found what is probably cancer. Without her, we would not have known, as it went unnoticed when he was in the hospital.

Katelin is very professional, knowledgeable about her profession, has a great demeanor, and seems dedicated to her patients.”

At Mid South, we pride ourselves on offering the best therapy services from the best therapists available. Katelin is proof that therapists often go above and beyond what constitutes as “quality care.” Although speech and language therapy focuses around enhancing communication, having a quality relationship with patients and taking notice of abnormalities outside the scope of what is considered “therapy” is what sets the good apart from the wonderful.

If you have a story you’d like to share with our team for publication, please Contact Us and get in touch today!

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