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First Annual UMMC Grenada & Mid South Sprint to Health 5k Race

We are excited to share that Mid South and UMMC GRENADA Hospital co-sponsored the UMMC's first-ever Sprint to Health 5k Race this past Saturday, June 3, which benefited the UMMC Patient Need Fund. The purpose of this fund is to assist with out-of-pocket expenses that can cause stress on individuals and families during medical crises, and it seeks to help those patients who need a helping hand. We are proud to say that all funds raised during this event will stay in Grenada, supporting Grenada patients and the Grenada community.

A message from Steven Cole:

"As UMMC GRENADA’s Therapy partner, we were honored to support this initiative, and we had an excellent turnout for our first event, with over 100 participants. I want to take this opportunity to personally share my appreciation and gratitude to Debbie Chew, my executive assistant, John Robert Burnett, DPT, Regional Clinical Director for North Mississippi, Cody Lancaster, Director of Rehab at UMMC Grenada Hospital, and the leadership and support team at UMMC. Their collective efforts made this event a huge success. I am incredibly proud of them. I would also like to thank all of our employee partners at the Employee Support Center who supported this event, as well as our therapists at UMMC Grenada Hospital and the surrounding communities.


At our company, helping others is at the core of what we do. We are a family, a company that comes together to support our communities and to help those in need. This aligns with our core values and our commitment to honor God through the stewardship of the resources He has bestowed upon us."

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