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The Grove's 30-year Reception

The Grove - 30 years of Excellence in Healthcare

by Felicia Murrah, MS, CCC-SLP Regional Clinical​ Director - South MS

On Monday, September 26th, The Grove celebrated 30 years of business with a reception at the facility. Staff, residents, and several members of the community attended to help this special family celebrate this special achievement.

In 1992, Jack and Becky Bradshaw opened the doors of The Grove, a 60-bed long-term care facility, to care for residents of Marion County. Over the past 30 years, The Grove has grown and expanded in several ways, such as increasing total resident capacity to 86 beds. In 2003, The Grove began its contract with Mid South Rehab to provide therapy services for their residents. The Therapy Department also expanded in 2009 to begin providing outpatient services to the communities in and around Marion County. In 2012, Jack and Becky Bradshaw passed the reins to their children, Michael and Stephanie. The next generation began caring for residents of The Grove, and the love and nurturing of residents has remained consistent. Michael and Stephanie, with the help of their spouses, Ashley and Marcus, respectively, have done an excellent job in maintaining the family dynamic for all staff and residents involved.

The Grove has become more than just a business. It is a special place where the leaders, staff, and residents are all considered family. In fact, some of the original staff from 1992 continue to work at The Grove, including Anna Evans, Assistant Administrator. The beauty of working in a family-run business is that "you may start as a stranger, but you will remain a family member."

Congratulations to the entire Bradshaw Family for a job well done and best wishes for many more years to come!


Your Mid South Rehab Family

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