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In It To Win It: Compliance & Ethics Training 2020

This year's annual compliance and ethics training was held on Saturday, January 25 at the Clyde Muse Center in Pearl, MS. We enjoyed an incredible day packed with the latest updates, information, and guidelines for delivering compliant therapy services to our patients. Our good friends Julie B. Mitchell, J.D., LL.M. Health Law and Ellen R. Strunk, PT, MS spoke to our crowd of nearly 230 therapists and administrators. Mid South was thrilled to host nearly 100 guests who were not affiliated with our company at the training event. Between cups of coffee, therapists asked questions, took notes, and learned more about the current and future changes to be expected in the industry.

During our scheduled breaks, we enjoyed giving away some fun door prizes. Our first two prizes were identical - $25 Amazon gift cards wrapped with Mid South tumblers. Our third prize of the day was a pair of Apple AirPods. Our fourth and final door prize for the event was a combo win - an Amazon Echo Dot and an Amazon Echo Show.

Because the theme of the event was sports related, guests were invited to wear their favorite sports jerseys, t-shirts, and other fan apparel. Guests enjoyed breakfast and lunch provided by Jason's Deli, dining on fresh fruit and pastries for breakfast and sandwiches piled high, chips, pickles, and a fudge brownie for lunch. With all the learning going on, everyone needed brain food!

Overall, this event was the perfect time for Mid South employee partners, guests, and other therapists in our great state to gather and learn more about our ever-changing industry.

Mid South would like to thank everyone for their participation in making this event possible. As always, we thank our attendees for valuing the opportunity to learn from some of the best. We would also like to thank our Employee Support Center staff who helped make this event a reality, specifically our Compliance & HIM Department staff and their incredible leader, Charlean Williams.

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