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Better Hearing and Speech Month with ASHA

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association dedicated the month of May to promoting awareness about communication disorders and the role of ASHA members in providing life-altering treatment through Better Hearing & Speech Month. Mid South would like to take this opportunity to explain our role in improving hearing and speech in the lives of our patients. We look forward to featuring some of our dedicated speech pathologists in celebration of BHSM!

Mid South Rehab takes pride in offering the highest quality speech therapy services to our strategic partners and patients. As a rural health partner, many of our speech therapists treat in critical access facilities, where access to speech therapy is limited while the demand is ever-growing.

Additionally, our speech therapists treat in nursing homes and assisted living communities with a population largely affected by speech pathology issues. For many of us, food is a comfort and joy. Many elderly patients as well as those who have suffered from debilitating strokes and other traumatic injuries suffer from swallowing disorders and complications. Their eating and swallowing safety is a daily battle.

Speech therapy is often necessary outside the nursing home and assisted living facilities we know and love. According to ASHA, "Nearly one in 12 children ages 3–17 has had a disorder related to voice, speech, language or swallowing in the past 12 months." ASHA reports that nearly half of those affected children receive intervention - whether that is in school, an outpatient program, etc. We are proud to serve and treat children who make up that percentage through our school contracts and outpatient therapy clinics. Our speech pathologists and everyone on the Mid South team are actively working to ensure that every child gets the intervention that they desperately need.

We are blessed to call two incredible speech language pathologists part of our executive leadership team. These clinicians provide a unique and much-needed perspective to the senior leadership team at Mid South because they have experienced the frustrations and victories of a speech pathologist time and time again.

Regional Clinical Director of Central Mississippi, Kim Ouzts, CCC-SLP, received her Masters of Science in Communicative Disorders from Ole Miss as well. Kim has worked as an SLP at a hearing and language impaired school, an outpatient clinic, a hospital rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facilities and non-skilled nursing facilities. She has served in a management position since 1994. Kim started work with Mid South in a transitional role as an RCD in 2004, and she has been a member of this organization for nearly 17 years. In her free time, Kim enjoys decorating houses, spending time with family and friends, painting, and volunteering.

Regional Clinical Director of South Mississippi, Felicia Murrah, CCC-SLP, her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi. Felicia has served as a Director of Rehab Services for the past 17 years in a variety of health care settings including skilled nursing, assisted living, and personal care/retirement communities. She has spent years managing day-to-day operations of therapy programs, ensuring the highest quality of patient care. Felicia has developed clinical programs and new processes for skilled documentation while working closely with administrators and patient families.

Throughout the month of May, Mid South is thrilled to feature some incredible speech language pathologists that ensure the safety of our patients and change lives every day.

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