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A Look On Lakeland Drive: Take a Tour of 360 Total Rehab Flowood

Although Mid South Rehab Services, Inc. utilizes strategic partnerships most commonly, we do own and operate two of our own outpatient therapy clinics. These clinics are different than the therapy gyms and setups that we operate in our partnerships with hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

I went for a visit to 360 Total Rehab of Flowood, which is just a few miles and a town over from our Employee Support Center in Ridgeland. 360 Flowood is located in a strip of businesses just off the heavily-traveled Lakeland Drive.

If you've never visited an outpatient therapy clinic, the setup is somewhat similar to a doctor's office in that there is a front desk and waiting area. However, once you step into the therapy gym at 360, that's where things differ from a doctor's office. Personally, doctors' offices and hospitals make me a little nervous, so I was interested to take a look inside 360 Total Rehab.

Everything in the therapy gym looks much more like just that - a gym. Exercise equipment like stationary bikes, weight sets, tension ropes, exercise balls, and so much more are arranged much like your local 24 - hour gym might be. But this gym is different.

360 Total Rehab employs physical, occupational, and speech therapists to provide the best possible care for our patients. With this diversified group of therapists as well as certified assistants, patients with pain, injury, or damage done by illness have a place to walk the road to recovery. Our therapists will walk each step - from initial consultations all the way through the last therapy visit. They work with passion and diligence, but they are also fun, relatable, real people who love what they do and want to see patients succeed.

If you are in need of relief from pain or wanting to further your recovery journey, feel free to contact us at 360 Total Rehab in Flowood. If you have questions about what services we provide or any other inquiries, please contact 601-932-8555. Your rehabilitation is our passion.

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