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Employee Support Center Tenure Awards Celebration

On Thursday, June 13, the Employee Support Center honored the 2018 tenure award winners. Recipients received company logo pins and certificates of service. Depending on the number of years they were celebrating, recipients’ pins varied - 3 year tenure received gold pins, 5 year tenure received gold pins with a single diamond, 10 year tenure received gold pins with two diamonds, and the ESC’s 15 year tenure recipient was awarded a gold pin with three diamonds.

The employees who received awards were as follows:

3 years

Clinton Mayes, IT Director

Melissa Clark, Insurance Verification

5 years

Amy Nichols, Executive Administrative Assistant

Mark Buckley, Clinical Operations VP

Karen Leflore, Regional Clinical Director South Mississippi

15 years

Nikki Davis, Insurance Verification

Steven Cole presented the awards and thanked everyone for their continued commitment to the company. Mid South is made of talented, dedicated professionals, and we all celebrate the passing of time and growth together.

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