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The Corporate Compliance Program has been voluntarily adopted by Mid South Rehab to assist the company in the successful, effective, and ongoing development of a compliant atmosphere. This program is intended to follow the guidelines of the United States Sentencing Commission and the Federal Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General Guidance.


The focus of this program is to develop effective internal controls which establish strict adherence to all laws and regulations, and to program requirements of both public and private health plans. The goals of this process are voluminous, lengthy, and ongoing. They include establishment of a culture that promotes the following: prevention, detection and resolution, or instances of noncompliance; education of all Employee Partners, and other business relations regarding the company's ethical and business policy; and, development of benchmarks that allow the Company to establish and monitor compliance. 

Through adoption of a corporate compliance program, the company:

•Encourages employees to report potential compliance problems without fear of retaliation


•Allows for prompt, thorough investigation of alleged misconduct


•Initiates immediate and appropriate corrective action if needed


•Minimizes waste and loss to the company, as well as to federal and state health programs, and other insurance programs with which the company works


•Demonstrates its commitment to honest and responsible actions and corporate conduct to employees, business relations and the communities served by the company

•Identifies and prevents unethical conduct


•Improves and promotes quality of care through the industry and, more specifically, to beneficiaries of company's services

•Creates a mechanism for the distribution of information on health care statutes, regulations, and program directives throughout the company

Program Overview

It is the intent and desire of Mid South Rehab, to comply with all state and federal laws governing its operations, and consistent with the highest level of professional and ethical standard in the conduct of its business. The company places the highest importance upon its reputation for honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. The Compliance Program is a reaffirmation of the company's commitment to consistently and fully comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to the delivery and billing for services which apply to the company on account of its participation and work with health care.


The program is intended to reflect the requirements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and to be a statement of the responsibilities and obligations of all employees regarding services/supplies rendered by the company to other health care programs and beneficiaries. In addition, this program is intended to apply to business arrangements with other contractors, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals, physicians and other persons that may be impacted by federal or state laws relating to fraud and abuse.


The company's principles of ethical conduct are embodied in the "Code of Conduct." The form of the Code of Conduct should allow every employee, administrative personnel and governing body to understand the specific intent behind each statement and the company included therein. Every member of the company, and individual or organization with which the company contracts for services, has access to the company's Code of Conduct, and will be bound to the standards therein.


The program is directed by the Corporate Compliance Officer, who is charged with reviewing the company's compliance policies and specific compliance situations that may arise. All company employees, including the Compliance Officer, must carry out their duties for the company in accordance with this program. Any violation of applicable law, or deviation from appropriate ethical standards, will subject an employee to disciplinary action, which may include oral or written warning, disciplinary probation, suspension, reduction in salary, demotion, dismissal from employment or other measures as deemed appropriate under the circumstances.


The program includes statements of the company's policies in a number of specific areas. The laws referenced herein are complex and many of the concepts are developed on a case-by-case determination, based on their applicability to the company. The program deals specifically with those areas of particular risk to the company, and their mention is not intended to minimize the importance of other applicable laws, professional standards, or ethical principles, which may be covered in other company policies, nor is this program intended to create rights and obligations of employment.

You may contact an Health Information Management representative by calling us at 601.605.6777 or 888.861.2349.

Note: Any and all information submitted to the Corporate Compliance Officer will be held in Strict Confidentiality.

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