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Mid South Rehab Services


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Mid South Rehab, Inc.

711 Avignon Drive

Ridgeland MS 39157


In March 2010 Mississippi State Hospital/Jaquith Nursing Home entered in contract with Mid South Rehab, Inc. to provide therapy services for the patients of the hospital and residents of the nursing home. As the Director of Jaquith Nursing Home, I was responsible for managing the contract with Mid South from 2010-August 2014. I had close interaction with both the therapy staff and administrative/leadership staff of Mid South through weekly therapy meetings.


The most important feedback I can share about my experiences with Mid South is that the staff truly cared about the people we served. The staff was always professional, caring, and provided excellent therapy to our patients and residents. As an administrator contracting with an outside provider, the most significant question/concern I had was-Will they care for the residents as much as our staff do? This question was easily answered by watching the daily interactions of the Mid South staff. They consistently went above and beyond to meet the needs of the patients/residents we served.


I also had frequent interactions with administrative/leadership staff at Mid South. All members of their leadership team were available, helpful, and always willing to work towards a solution to any challenge we experienced. They understood our campus, our needs, and continually worked at providing the highest level of care to the people we serve. I can honestly say that we never encountered a challenge that they weren’t willing to work on.


For the above reasons, I give Mid South Rehab, Inc. my highest recommendations. If you have questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at (601) 359-1288.


Sincerely, Marc Lewis, Ph.D.


Bureau of Mental Health

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