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The Mission of the New Business Development and Marketing Department of Mid South Rehab Services is to market all extensive services offered by Mid South Rehab to prospective customers while pursuing active involvement in community events and securing new business partnerships.

Our Marketing Department is managed by Debbie Chew. In addition, it is comprised of Maggie Mayer, Ashlie Lovins, Mid South Regional Clinical Directors, and Directors of Rehab. Marketing might as well be called selling; because what we do on a daily basis is “sell” your facility and Mid South to doctors, nurses, and those who work in and out of the healthcare field.

On a typical day, we might be in Magee, Rolling Fork, and Columbus or at the office preparing things for the following visits the next day or throughout the year. In other words, marketing encompasses the whole state of Mississippi, including our locations in Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Marketing is crucial to Mid South Rehab because it puts a name to a face and lets the local doctors, nurses, and case managers meet us. Along with meeting them, we get to explain what separates your facility and Mid South Rehab from the competition.

As the great author Willie Morris said, “Mississippi is different. When two people from different towns meet, one of the first things they ask each other is, 'Where are you from?' And then, do you know so-and-so?' People seem to know where the little towns are all over the state. They know what roads to take to get there, how far it is, and the major families in town.” Quotes like that are what make this job of marketing unique and fun with Mid South. You can normally make a connection with someone who knows a doctor, knows a certain nurse, or knows a specific case manager to call on and ones not to call on.

In todays competitive environment, marketing the services of your Therapy Department is vital. Your partnership with Mid South Rehab Therapy is the “step in the right direction” in setting the Facility’s Therapy Program apart from your competition.

Maggie Mayer
Marketing Graphic Designer

Maggie brings over 20 years of experience in advertising to Mid South. Maggie is a design professional skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Canva, branding, and social media. As a Marketing Graphic Designer, she handles online and print communication. From promotional materials to advertising, Maggie designs print and digital media. In addition to operating social media and our website, Maggie creates print materials for our strategic partner facilities. She also produces our bi-annual company newsletter. 

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