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The mission of MSRS's Information Technology Department is to provide an innovative, customer-focused, and robust foundation for IT solutions to further enable our employee partners to provide excellence in their area of rehab therapy.  MSRS IT Department seeks to establish trust with our employee partners and customers through professionalism, honest and open dialogue, high quality customer service, and a commitment to partnership and collaboration.

MSRS IT Department welcomes comments and feedback. In response to thoughtful analysis, criticisms, and contributions from our employee partners and Strategic Partners, the MSRS IT Department has been streamlining management structures, making maximum use of existing resources, and harmonizing services and processes in order to foster service excellence.

The commitment of the MSRS IT Department as a service organization is to support the MSRS pledge to  continued quality and efficiency in all of our care giving endeavors mission. To do so, the MSRS IT Department conducts business based on the following values:


CUSTOMER SERVICE - We want to be known for our responsive and supportive service.

COMPETENCE - We train continually to efficiently deliver optimal business solutions.

INTEGRITY - We build through openness, honesty, loyalty, and a high level of professionalism.

RELATIONSHIPS - We value relationships above transactions.

FUN - We love our work and our business relationships; thus, we strive to have our employee partners mutually enjoy working with us.

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